About The Cancun Sunbelt Senior Professional Tour

Sunbelt Senior Tour History

moon palace resort golf course pictureThe Cancun Sunbelt Senior Tour (SST) has been the number one Tour for players approaching and playing on the Champions Tour. SST has been running events since 1996 and has a long and prestigious list of players that got their starts on this tour or revived their careers to go on to Champions Tour success. The SST has enjoyed 15 years of competitions, paying out over $4 million in purses and helping raise over $1.5 million for charity. All of this was the brainchild of Don Barnes, a PGA of America golf professional that saw a need and ran with the idea.


Today the SST plays events all across the East Coast of the United States with quite a few events in the South or the Sunbelt. The Tour held their first tour championship out of the country in 2011 with the Cancun Tour Championship being held at Moon Palace Resorts.  The Cancun CVB also sponsored the tour and will continue its support in 2012 as well.  With new events in Trinidad & Tobago and future agreements across Latin America and the Caribbean, the Sunbelt Senior Tour is growing with more international flare than ever before. With the Champions Tour becoming more difficult to qualify for each year due to increased competition, the SST provides a much needed training ground for players that need to be tournament ready when qualifying comes around or when they get their chance to play in the actual Champions Tour Events.


The Sunbelt Senior Tour is comprised of Champions Tour Members who play our Tour on a regular basis, past PGA Tour Players that are staying sharp preparing for their future spot on the Champions Tour, and our members that are trying to earn their first shot at proving their game. We offer a fantastic group of players that have a “Real and Personal Connection” to the amateurs and spectators alike. We also provide a fantastic venue for entertaining your key clients or employees and getting an outstanding value for your advertising dollars.